Standing like a Stone



Words, have lost their substance.

Between me and you,

Lies this utter Silence.


I crave for your shivering voice.

You don’t say anything,

You don’t wanna speak lies.


Feels like, time is crawling.

Surrounding us, is this emptiness.

A Pain keeping us besiege.


The heart-ache is getting deeper,

And the suffering becoming colder,

So, You just want to say goodbye.


In this melody of melancholy,

I wish to hold you once more,

You want me to let you go, You call that now its time.


I am Standing like a Stone,

Watching you slip away,

And I just hope when you’re gone, I don’t keep standing for Life.


Value of that Moment

Time keeps on slipping off our hands, as if we are trying to hold the sand.


As moments pass, as time moves, we just feel that nothing is changing. But when we look behind after a while, we envisage how dramatically things have changed.


Some changes are those for which we always yearned, the rest are the ones we begrudged.


Whenever I look around today and anticipate tomorrow, I am unconsciously reminiscent of yesterday. I don’t want to do that. But it doesn’t mean that its wrong being reminiscent and nostalgic. This is what makes us human, the emotions and the sense of flowing with them.


I always think about the moment that I didn’t live as I wanted. I think of the choices that I didn’t make as I wished. I recollect the memories where I did something knowing I shouldn’t do it.


And then I think about the value of that moment. The moment which I lost. How precious that moment was, which I can’t bring back, the things that I can’t change.


But If that moment hadn’t been that way, I wouldn’t be what I am. Its my past due to which my present is. And so there is no moment which I didn’t live my way. We always know in our heart, that everything we embrace, is our choice. We choose it to be that way.


And so, if that moment was valuable, this moment is priceless. It is now, when we can follow our heart and then someday reminisce, the value of that moment.