You’re Beautiful

Yesterday, I met her. She’s beautiful, and I, was flabbergasted.


Her face has an enchanting glare and I couldn’t take my eyes off her gleam. Her generous eyes, her drifting hair and her gracious smile just allured me. She possesses an unsung elegance.


I just wished if I could ask that moment to slow down a bit, if it can stay here for a while to let me realize that it isn’t a dream.


I wish to see her again, I wish to be cognizant of her.


But I am a stranger to her. She is slightly reluctant. She just wants to make sure I am a good person. An obscure revere teases her.


Today, I met her again. I asked her that you too are here, and she retorted, I am everywhere. Rightly so, in the form of her enamor, she’s everywhere, In my mind and my heart.


She was thinking something at that moment, I don’t know what it was. But I was again thinking the same, wishing just to tell her, that You’re Beautiful.